Even voorstellen

Even voorstellen

Bonjour !!

I am Louis Heuvelmans born and raised in Brabant and lived in various places in the Netherlands and Belgium. With my wife Karin Mulder I have built up a beautiful company, after she passed away in 2018 I will continue the company alone.

And as it always has been ... home feeling and conviviality are paramount!


Just a look back
How did it all start?

Our first joint holiday we both jumped on the bike and we are going to tour around La Douce France. The following years were ditto, with each year being chosen for a different region.

Our sleeping places were interspersed with chambres d'hôtes and campsites. Everywhere we were well received and the French themselves were very friendly and helpful, especially when we were setting up our tent in a rain shower.

On our return journey we have returned through the middle of France all these years, through the Clermont-Ferrand area and through the Puy-de-Dôme and Auvergne departments. In the last zone we lost our hearts to the beautiful nature, the hills, the tranquility, the many birds of prey and swallows that flew around, in short a piece of unspoilt France where mass tourism is not (yet) on the order.

The latter also means that you can not find a chambres d'hôtes or camping on every corner, so sometimes we had to drive a bit longer than planned before we actually found a place to sleep again. But do not worry, in the end we always ended up well and we could often join the family table for an evening meal.

The hospitality in this environment is still very important. All those nice and good things gave us more and more jitters and every time we had something like "gosh, I do not want to go back home, I feel at home here". This is why we went to the international home exchange for the first time in 2004.

At the beginning of 2005, we made the first agreements and drove to France several weekends to view properties. On the penultimate day of another weekend in France, we were shown by our real estate agent a property that just came back from the sale and which she thought would fit in our vision, namely a great site, easily accessible and enough space to make a to make chambre d’hôtes. Full of anticipation we drove up the terrain and the real estate agent turned out to be absolutely right! We had to look through the cobwebs and old junk, but otherwise it had everything we wanted. So we decided to make an offer the same day and 3 days later we were told that we would become the proud owners of a beautiful old farm, part of the domain called “Champeaux” near the lovely town of Marcillat-en- Combraille part of the hamlet of Ronnet! All this took place in May 2005. In October 2005 all papers were signed at the notary and we were officially owner. Our story is briefly put down because we do not want to tire everyone with all the awkward (legal) details that you have to deal with before everything is official, the most important thing is that it all worked out!

In 2010 we officially started with our Chambre d’hôtes, better known as Bed & Breakfast. The rest, the magnificent surrounding nature  and all guests who we receive and take care of, made that step worth while.
Nowedays the formula has been changed to Logies / Gites.


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